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This is a very engaging game, easy to learn for the chess player and very rich in possibilities. Dragon chess has the regular moder chess array with two dragons — fierce in-fighters who massively increase the potential for viscious attacks as the game progresses. A large and lovely realization with classic Austrian figurative pieces and a glossy faux marble playing surface. — AncientChess.com


  1. I have owned this game around 6 years and still haven’t played it.😂

  2. Interesting. Can you manufacture a set for Chess on an infinite plane (see Infinite chess in wikipedia)? I would totally buy THAT! 🙂

  3. Great video!!! Dragon chess seems interesting its kinda cool to control a dragon. Lol thanks for uploading videos frequently. Glad I subscribed.

  4. Ok, this variant wasn't too complicated. The dragonchess-variant I found out about yesterday was very different, fantasyfull and I assume too complicated to be a good game.

    This dragon-variant looks kind of cool though and very playable.

  5. Yes, this game would be easy to jump into and promises a lot of fun. I don't know the other dragon variant you're thinking of, but I know many game inventors have gone wild with possibilities. Till Next —

  6. Thank you so much for uploading this video 😀 also thanx voor uploading so much ^^

  7. Great video excellent demo of the game ,however just to point out , the player with the white chess pieces in the video when you moved the white dragon for the first time you only made 2 square move instead of the full 3 squares

  8. I'd love to own and play this variant 🙂
    Too bad it'll run me  $105 🙁

  9. I know you were moving quickly and only giving an example of play, but between 4:50 and 5:15 you move black twice in a row. Thanks for the video!

  10. It won't be looking like a dragon, but you can always add 2 white and 2 black checkers/draughts pieces to take their place.

    I must say I expected a little more from the dragon's abilities. The three-square move is fine, but 'spitting fire' to an enemy piece and take that piece off the board (capturing by removing the enemy piece, without moving the dragon to occupy the space the enemy piece was on) instead of capturing it normally would have made more sense to me. In addition, I think that the dragon should have had the ability to jump over pieces, like a knight, since it is a flying creature.

  11. Can the Dragon not jump – like a Knight? I mean, it has wings.

  12. Why hasn't any one made an app for this game?

  13. Ok is there anywhere to find this set? It says sold out everywhere… should design sky rocket. Maybe it could do big.

  14. Sorry fans — this game has gone out of production and I can't get it any more. Many people have expressed interest in it so — let's hope for a new production! …

  15. does it have an accelerated dragon opening? hue hue hue

  16. I really enjoy your videos and tutorials . Keep up a great channel.

  17. They forgot to add firebreathing to the dragon. It should be able to kill multiple pieces in a straight line and fly over pieces. The wide board is actually the most innovative part of the game design.

  18. In start of video I were asking myself how can the dragon move and I thought maybe like a queen, then maybe limited to 3 squares.. ^^ the only thing I were wrong is that I thought that it could jump like a knight.

  19. 100% NOT like how I thought dragons would move.

  20. I love how your still active after all these years. I am creating my very own board game and I was wondering could I show it to you. It is based around chess but different units.

  21. I have made a chess variant. What is your email?

  22. I like this variant layout. I've found a neat way to make all these games by hand and they are actually more appreciated when finished. It looks beautiful however I hate the dragon piece. Perhaps it could be another name , like the Duke or the Prince.

  23. I do have a set exactly like that, (minus the dragons). Had no idea it was an Austrian style.

  24. Man I have a varitent that you would like

  25. I made a chess variant with Dragon pieces, it can jump other pieces like a Knight but it attacks 2 spaces forward, backwards or to the side or all 4 diagonals 2 spaces, the two pieces are kind of like Knights, because they can jump over pieces, and they're also kind of like Bishops because one only moves on dark squares while the other only can move on light squares

  26. If a pawn captures into a pocket and reaches the end of it, what can it do later if it doesn't promote?

  27. Does anyone know where I can buy this game now?

  28. Complete bullshit. Dragon Chess is supposed to be played with 3 boards (sky, earth, and underground). Each board has pieces for its own level and rules about travelling to other boards.

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