Didn’t See That Move Coming! #shorts #viral #chess #memes

Today, I play chess with some extra rules! I include Uno cards, some Monopoly money, a little touch of Scrabble, and a die to spice up the game! Let’s be real, chess really does need a new update badly. So here it is! You’re welcome. Anyways, if you enjoy the chess memes YouTube shorts, make sure to subscribe and let me know in the comments.

JJJReact – This video was stolen on TikTok by two creators, who ended up receiving over 4 million views off this video (without giving me credit). Check my community tab from June or the pinned comment for more info.

From the comment by @MarioGD6251
Here are the moves:
1. e4 UNO Reverse (Brilliant)
2. Un-e4 e5
3. 6-die roll capture WaterPawnb5
4. Na4+Nb4 WaterPawnb5xa4b4
5. e4+Skip
6. Qh5+ Qg6 Bribe $500
7. Queen declines Queen bribes $1000
8. Qx$1000 N/A
9. Spelled Queen Heart Attack
White wins by opponent’s heart attack

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  1. Later: aLL oF yOuR ChesSEs HaVE HeARt aTTaCk ANd yOu LOsE!

  2. Bro at the front side it says classic chinese checkers

  3. White spells “Checkers Army” in the second match to create 12 dark-field Checkers to protect the pawns.😊

  4. Me:mom! Can we buy a chess board game?
    Mom:we have it at home!

    "Chess at home" 💀

  5. The die rolling in the opening was actually a blunder as black has an uno reverse trick which is the top engine move

  6. The YouTuber oats Jenkins also made a chess 2, I wonder which one is better

  7. "Classic Chinese checkers" Thats how you play checkers in China 💀💀💀

  8. Everything is possible when you are using your imagination

  9. For some reason I bursted out laughing when I saw the reverse card and I can't explain why

  10. Pretty easy game….
    Try non euclidan chess-tris

  11. Classic Chinese Checkers on the board foreside

  12. what if feels like when you first start learning chess

  13. Please put a tutorial on Ohioan chess or whatever you want to call it!

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