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Today, I play chess with some extra rules! I include Uno cards, some Monopoly money, a little touch of Scrabble, and a die to spice up the game! Let’s be real, chess really does need a new update badly. So here it is! You’re welcome. Anyways, if you enjoy the chess memes YouTube shorts, make sure to subscribe and let me know in the comments.

JJJReact – This video was stolen on TikTok by two creators, who ended up receiving over 4 million views off this video (without giving me credit). Check my community tab from June or the pinned comment for more info.

From the comment by @MarioGD6251
Here are the moves:
1. e4 UNO Reverse (Brilliant)
2. Un-e4 e5
3. 6-die roll capture WaterPawnb5
4. Na4+Nb4 WaterPawnb5xa4b4
5. e4+Skip
6. Qh5+ Qg6 Bribe $500
7. Queen declines Queen bribes $1000
8. Qx$1000 N/A
9. Spelled Queen Heart Attack
White wins by opponent’s heart attack

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  1. he made a mistake bcuz he took off 7 pawns

  2. Why do the knights always die first

  3. Chess update for:
    1.Ohio 2.Ohio 3.Ohio 4.ohio

  4. At 7:06 you say bistop to d6 is the only move, to defend the mate threat, but what about rook to g7?
    Oh right the queen can mate just at h8.

  5. bro destroy rule by letting black move first

  6. Bro is the type of guy to make a game then change the rules as it goes

  7. He play chess on checker board💀💀💀

  8. Can you make a video that explain the rules ? I forgot few things, like the uno and ice parts

  9. Bro is playing with a Chinese checkers board

  10. This is like chess in Ohio 💀💀💀

  11. Chess in Ohio ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  12. That's not how are you play chess that like your play Chess in Ohio 💀

  13. Well That’s Just Chess With Extra Steps

  14. i usually play the Double Dutch opening before tapping all my lands and summoning Blue Eye White Dragon

  15. This is like the first season of yugioh.

  16. New updates to Chess 69.69
    -uno reverse card
    -skip card
    -girls night with bribing
    -spelling king
    And the most important update

  17. This is getting funnier when the white queen is taken off with $1000, she is resummoned.

  18. Very crucial mistake, white forgot to roll the d20 for a dexterity save so his knights wouldn’t fall in. Unfortunately he didn’t see that which gave his opponent the upper hand.

  19. "Not even sure it's in the rule book"
    Is there even a rule book at this point?

  20. My unemployed friend on monday😂😂

  21. Queen respawn into the rng panick attack. Gg

  22. If it gets updated they would have to change the “white moves first” thing and made it black cause it would be racist😂

  23. Edit: The stolen videos have just been taken down! Thank you all for your support!

    I have some bad news about this video that I thought you should know. I just found out that two users on TikTok, @ambassador_chess and @yuimanicho, both stole this video without giving any credit to me. These videos received over 4.3M views, and I am absolutely distraught about it. I am the original creator of this video, and I can give proof to anyone who doesn’t believe me. Please don’t send hate their way, just know I’m working towards getting those copyrighted videos taken down. Anyways, I appreciate all of you for watching, and I hope you enjoy. Thank you all, much love ❤♟️More content coming soon!

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