Did You Know About Duck Chess? – Chess Variants

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  1. Yes, I wanted to see some chess variants and fairy chess here !

  2. If you're playing chess varients, five-dimensional chess with multiversal time travel is a 'got to play it once' kind of thing.

  3. Chess Simp pulling Scara theme is one of thing I never expected

  4. I was here when he had few hundred subscribers (700 or smth) yep 2 years ago

  5. Given that the opponent spent a whole minute on their last move, I'm guessing they instantly took the queen thinking "lol noob" and spent the rest of the time realizing "oh shit I have to move the duck"

  6. The opponent should have ducked out, cuz here comes the Simp!

  7. 100 rated chess, but it's fog of war. More unpredictable than ever

  8. Please play atomic chess next. You played "atomic chess" in the past but please play it for real this time

  9. I love variants. Please do more of this. Specific suggestions:
    Crazyhouse chess (you can place captured pieces back on the board iirc)
    Fog of war (you can only see the parts of the board that you can move to. The rest is hidden.)

    There are a lot more good ones though.

  10. 2:30 No you're not. Just play Bg6 and Duckf7 so they need to move the duck

  11. I'm much more interested in Simp using Genshin music for the duck chess intro.

  12. So… can we make challenges for duck chess now or is it only regular duck chess?

  13. they could've survived by moving the king to d7 and putting the duck between the queens

  14. How about a video on the variant "Racing Kings"? It's got an interesting starting position and the object is to get your King to the other side of the board. And the annoying feature is that you're not allowed to check your opponent.

  15. Did Simp just leak that his rating is around 1500? or at least over 1000?

  16. That's was very cool, I hope to see more duck chess in your channel!

  17. Is this going to be a new thing? Just trying out the various chess variants available? Sounds cool.

  18. Kriegspiel was my favorite variant back in the day. You can only see your pieces but you're told if there are possible captures.

  19. Fog of War I think would be a nice one to try out.

  20. Challenge: get a higher duck rating than eric rosen

  21. The way you won that duck game really shows why you're rated ????, brilliant moves.

  22. Play duck chess, spell chess, and spell-duck chess.

  23. You picked up quicker than most that moving a duck to where you wanna move next is often more beneficial than stopping what your opponent wants to do.

  24. Yo, what a game to follow up that disclaimer! Genuinely impressive

  25. Shotgun King: the final checkmate. Its Chess but you just have your king and he has a shotgun.

  26. This looks fun, I should try it with my roommate

  27. It will be fun to see you trying new chess modes!

  28. It's so good doing and seeing someone stopping his own check, people get confused.

  29. Ilm really glad you are coming up with new content. And in regards to blunders, I really don't care about quality of chess here, I'm here for the also questionable quality jokes

  30. First duck chess game I played I trapped my opponent's knight and queen with the duck

  31. ok that was godlike I would love to see more of this

  32. 😱simp playing real chess with the duck chess!! Absolutely brilliant duck pin

  33. Wtf no experience? It's genius!

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