Did You Know About Duck Chess? – Chess Variants

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Music used in this video:
Xomu – Last Dance

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  1. 4 Player Chess but the other 3 players are your viewers gannging-up on you.

  2. Have you done hex chess?? That’d be a cool video

  3. Seems like a game flaw, allowing players to remain in an immanent check position.

  4. I like the choice of the scaramouche music

  5. That 100% flex after a brilliant capture was 🤌

  6. So, never keep exactly one open space between your King and an attacking enemy piece in duck chess.

  7. That Scaramouche theme caught me off guard as I was playing the game on the side

  8. I spent the entire game thinking this guy was 100 rated and I had no Idea why he was playing so well

  9. If you don't know what the music is from 0:17, it's "Polumnia Omnia" from Genshin Impact.

  10. I like using 1. e4@e2 (pawn e4 duck e2) so opponent can't get duck e2 and block the queen and bishop. Not sure if it's objectively good but using the duck to reserve squares for your own pieces is an important concept.

  11. 0:30 Not me pausing the video, reading it, and then unpausing to be told not to pause.

  12. Is Chess Simp actually the legendary Age of Empires 2 player, Hoang?
    Celts eat TC.

  13. Love the genshin music at the beginning

  14. This was actually very engaging and I hope you do more of these.

  15. I loved that, It would be nice to see more content like that!

  16. Can kings take queens in duck chess like there at the end if you hadn't taken their king?

  17. 2:49 should have put the duck on d7 to prevent king from escaping, fortunately opponent didn't see Kd7 as a way to escape.

  18. And now 5d chess with multiverse time travel (against a bot or wait a long time for a Opponent.)

  19. Really played the Scaramouche boss theme while explaining the game mode! XD

  20. Looking forward to seeing more duck chess variants!

  21. What I really like about this variant is how easy it is to recreate irl. Unlike some other modes that I enjoy.

  22. Now we need "Better then my viewers" series for duck chess

  23. Super cool. Would love to see more of this :O

  24. Bro tried his first game and absolutely kill his experienced opponent

  25. Damn… That last move is brilliant

  26. Well… Someone's gotta play Regimental Chess in 2023 even though the website and servers for the official release went defunct years ago
    (Rulebook's somewhere in a Google search, but I made my own one)
    Also play Infinite Chess Online – it's kinda silly but yeah that's kinda the point, and they have that now

  27. I love duck chess. I'd also recommend you playing Fog of War. I think you could do some really interesting challenges with that one.

  28. Please play the variant "Amazon Jungle" next.

  29. Fog of War chess is crazy fun, and could actually be a good format for future challenges.

  30. I know you like Eric Rosen, who has played many games of duck chess and is very good at it. Even if this was your first game playing duck chess, I'll wager, it wasn't your first exposure to it.

  31. He won by putting his opponent in DUCKZWANG 😂

  32. Man, that play with the bishops was brilliant.

  33. HAHAHA I'm already loving duck chess xD

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