Did You Know About Duck Chess? – Chess Variants

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Xomu – Last Dance

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  1. now i desperately want you to try infinite chess and 5d chess

  2. He could also move the king, but then he would have lost the queen

  3. Watching a Chess simp video without an intro for the opponent is breaking my mind

  4. Duck, but you slipped one key to the right trying to type "duck"

  5. That music is 🔥🔥🔥 (Genshin Impact – Scramouche Boss Theme)

  6. Really cool format. Glad to see you trying new things. Can't wait to see more of that!!

  7. Could be fun seeing you try Fog of War. The "I'm not a coward" mode 😛

  8. This guy is like 1000 not 100

  9. Really cool, Simp. More of this please 😊

  10. VERY nice endgame plan. The opponent could have moved their king out of the way, of course, but that wouldn't have progressed their game plan.

  11. "100 rated chess, but you have an imaginary duck. After you move a piece or pawn, you place an imaginary duck that you and your opponent must not pass through. You can move the duck again after your next turn."

  12. just wait for when he discovers the spell chess

  13. Very interesting variant. Only thing missing was a "quack" when the duck got moved.

  14. I guess if you play long enough you can forget the rule about the duck needing to move to a different position. That's my guess on how they lost to Simp who had never played before but was fresh from reading up on the rules of the mode.

  15. Try Coalition chess, please (this is a variant developed by Arnold Schönberg, famous avant-garde composer)

  16. Yeesss! First time I saw and heard of duck chess, I immediately thought that I wanted to see you play it one day! Wishes do come true 🪿🦆🐤

  17. The best part about this special mode is that it can be played irl with real chess boards! You just need a small rubber duck!

  18. Try the 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel, fits so well with this channel crazyness!!!

  19. Amazing play for your first duck chess game! I’ve seen a few chess content creators, who would absolutely destroy me in regular chess, absolutely suck at duck chess. So kudos!

  20. Sovereign chess is a fun, and complicated variant.

  21. Instantly bopping to Scaramouche Theme

  22. I think watching you do 4 player free for all chess would be pretty fun

  23. That double bishop self duck block was brillant

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