Data Mining the Next Dungeons and Future Content | Dark and Darker

A summary of what I have been able to find in the Dark and Darker Early Access game files so far. This video serves are part 1 of the Early Access Dara Mining series as I expect to uncover more shortly. As always, please feel free to share this among friends and private networks but refrain from posting this on the Dark and Darker official discord.
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  1. Omg I had to get in here because I just can’t wait one day

  2. Wow can’t wait to get trashed on even more in ruins

  3. Light and Divine not same thing? What a difference?

  4. Howling field could be an effect given from a monster, no?

  5. When i saw the coin chest image , i imagine the stash as an ingame room , where you can moove , attack dummy and storage in the chest your staff .

  6. Woah woah woah….wait. The demon Hunter….is a demon?

    Does he/it hunt, itself?

  7. Howling feild sounds like a lair action style debuff, maybe a ney boss is on the way.

  8. why would someone care if this game is 'spoiled' lol it doesnt have a story or anything

  9. I want to watch the video but i also don’t want to spoil it for myself. Also ROGUE NERFS! CLERIC BUFFS!

  10. Different arrow variants comes to mind when he talked about quiver that'd be nuts.

  11. I don't like their direction with game rebalancing. Ironmace has said multiple times that they want to slow down the pvp gameplay. They're doing so by nerfing anything good about a character until every aspect of it equally sucks. Rebalancing is important but all they're doing is nerfing/removing anything people are actually enjoying and it's causing people to stop playing

  12. I dont have a third to explore the crypts with so having more floors in the ruins MAKES ME SO HYPED i can imagine like some sort of underground luscious forest or something along those lines to fit with the slimes and stuff. And have the center module be like a world tree or Yggdrasil or something guarded by a boss (whether it be the stone golem you mentioned or not). A man can only dream!

  13. I love this game, dont have friends to play it with and when i introduce them to it its way too difficult and time consuming to ever get a good party going. Ive never even survived a single match of hell without using double jump and cheesing, hard to accept ill never get to experience more than getting pub stomped consistently in the crypt. Started killing the cave troll and ofc they remove the gold pile the second im able to, sad i have to quit but the future of this looks extremely exciting, delve on dungeoneers

  14. Just the mere illusion of longer adventures is extremely exciting. My own creative sauce here; perhaps the sleeping bag is part of a roaming map that gets… *ahem*.. darker , and to sleep a la minecraft I guess is how you'd extract, your first portal into the underground. Even if it was just a basic small visual setpiece to introduce you to all you the mwndatory controls and introduce the player to the game (similar thematically to how Dead by Daylight is normal people damned into a 2nd Hell), where this intro cinematic tutorial that has no time limit and clientside, it'd badically be a loading minigame that when you complete it (or take your sweet as time with your newly created character soaking in every last ray untik it's pitch black out (also thinking of Battlefield V for intro vague similarity context) brings you into the world. I got wild dreams of ideas, but I might have heard about their DbD inspirations and got a bit cozy with the creativity too.

    A pack mule escort team being taken down by scandelous thieves is also far more tangible an idea too.

  15. Absolutely unrelated, has any fictional media of any kind ever had an eyeball be used a ring. Like a dead cyclops eye getting bruce lee'd into a makeshift vambrace or something.

  16. cant wait to have longer and more epic adventures in the future 😊✨✨

    hope they will add some more survival mechanics to like eating and drinking to up immersion

  17. Ironmace wrong for making the black harpy look like they’re dressed for church

  18. the thorns could be for the druid, since in dungeons and dragons druids wield nature-themed magic. id imagine the thorns could be an immobilizer or an area denial spell

  19. 6:47 you can find that staff the druid is holding on a table in the camp prelobby area

  20. Been saying it since the games release, but they need to add rotation to items in the inventory. It would help with looting so much.

  21. I bet the thorny bramble will be a druid trap/spell

  22. There needs to be a non pvp map for noobs

    Everyone i tried getting into it quits from being wiped by geared 3s constantly every single map

  23. So stoked for all this to come out, thanks for posting this!

  24. I feel like the healing item overhaul was in place of getting ready for Druid's arrival. If I had to guess it's going to be a partial support. Seeing as a lot of the skills are taken directly from Dungeons and Dragons. Like "Second wind" as well as almost everything else. Chances are the Druid will be modeled after a Dungeons and Dragons druid. Which would mean, light healing, regen, debuffs, small buffs, damage shields, snares, roots, DoT's and Shape Shifting, possible "lull"ing animals like the dire wolves in ruins. Introducing a 2nd sub/primary healer/support class into the game would make sense why they wanted to change cleric's stats, and change the healing items around.

  25. One of the most comprehensive and clean videos ever produced for our gaming community.

    Keep up the good work you handsome devil <3

  26. howling field is from the bats I think that scream at you and disorient you

  27. idk why but watchin ur videos feels like watching dailydoseofinternet

  28. If they give bolas to fighter I’m done 😂. Bolas should 100% be a rogue thing

  29. If they're bringing back downstairs again, ill be SO happy. I always went downstairs when it was available. Now if they bring it back. I'll make it my goal to travel from the top all the way down to the lowest levels.

  30. New season data mining video when? Love these. I'm sure they have new stuff in after the latest update, or do you typically see more new stuff near the next major update?

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