CoinGeek Weekly Livestream with Kurt Wuckert Jr. Ask me anything | Season 3 | Ep. 36

Join Kurt Wuckert Jr. for an ask me anything #AMA show, on all the latest happenings in the #BSV, #Bitcoin, #AI, #IPv6 and just about anything else!

Kurt discusses the current story surrounding the nChain drama with Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, and Christen Ager-Hanssen and answers all of the viewers pressing questions.

00:00 – Countdown
00:26 – Intro
03:34 – Kurt Wuckert Jr. and BSV
14:32 – Fallout and Christen Ager-Hanssen’s history
21:06 – nChain drama
32:27 – Securing funding for Dr. Craig Wright’s trial
34:36 – Proving Dr. Wright’s identity
42:03 – Honeymoon phase
44:58 – Appointment
46:54 – Ager-Hanssen’s end goal
48:35 – Calvin Ayre ’emailing’ the issue
50:07 – Ager-Hanssen on nChain’s IP
51:49 – VC funding and royalty structure
53:43 – Tampered court documents
56:52 – Leaked emails
58:16 – Ayre on Dr. Wright’s not ‘signing’
1:00:20 – Ager-Hanssen’s evidence
1:02:07 – Crypto Open Patent Alliance
1:05:04 – BTC after winning the trial
1:06:31 – COPA case
1:07:05 – Harvard signing
1:08:12 – BSV after losing the trial
1:09:27 – Ayre and Dr. Wright’s relationship
1:11:14 – Documents manipulation
1:12:29 – COPA case on nChain’s patent portfolio
1:13:33 – Dr. Wright’s stance on signing
1:15:58 – Moving Dr. Wright out of nChain
1:17:35 – Satoshi X (Twitter) account
1:18:31 – Nakamoto Industries
1:19:08 – New nChain CEO
1:21:10 – Closing

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  1. Kurt the only crypto man's I listen to

  2. Thanks Kurt your always a solid unbiased voice of reason in a storm or ridiculousness!😅❤

  3. Cheers for the great communication brother- keep at it🤟🤟

  4. Your a nice guy, but very naive about Craig wright.

  5. Respect to you Kurt.
    We are here for the technology.

  6. Most of us talk about people, the worst talk about things, …. the best of us talk about 'ideas'.

  7. Satoshi lost the keys. Thats why all the court cases he can't recover another way, court cases he will likely lose. And thats why many former business partners turn on him coz hes not upfront with this. Likely Calvin will turn on him also when he realises. Genius however very accident prone and poor people skills

  8. Craig signing to avoid the COPA Court case would be ideal to finally get adoption happening. All the fencesitters would finally get off and start to allow developers to finally earn some money. Good on Clavin for putting pressure on Craig. Craig's circus has been running for long enough.

  9. I nominate Kurt as the new President of Bitcoin

  10. The recent price action seems to suggest this was a giant nothing-burger.

  11. Sun Tzu, The Art Of War, on Ager-Hansen; "keep friends close and your enemies closer"

  12. The whistleblower leak was the 500mil investment was fake, he said as much and had the new CEO saying it on audio recording. Stop gaslighting Kurt. BSV in a completely centralized and fake bullshiting ecosystem faking everything they can including a figurehead that invests in a company he and his family office own and pretending they spent a large 500mil on because he wanted a big number LMAO

    Don't believe a word this guy says.

  13. In the Blackrock ETF application filing.. Blackrock reserves the right to change to the Bitcoin network of its choice…. if they switch Bitcoin crashes and at that point Craig signing is null and void!!😂

  14. The idea that Craig destroyed evidence that he's Satoshi (36:40) makes no sense because he could have simply concealed such evidence (he's supposedly a security expert) instead of destroying it.

  15. Wonderful, beautiful thing is that the road for Craig ends. He must sign it or admit he's a proven fraud.

  16. BSV is going to $1. Does anyone want to make this bet?

  17. Hello I Support Covid19, Social Distancing face mask. Planet Global Earth Sun Moon Sky. I want to work Together Engineering Technology. Medicare Healthcare Innovation Sciences Technology Climate Changes Summit Blueprint Global

  18. Lahat block na pati Twitter ko😢😂 bahala na panginoon sa akin mag trabaho nalang ako kahit katulong 😢😂 ibigay po ninyo sa charity mas makatulong po yan sa kanila hindi ko kailangan yan Hindi po kami kumakain ang mga apo okay lang kami. Total kahit singko wala akong nakuha. Maraming Salamat po 😢😂😭

  19. Bitcoin is not money ! It is the hardest part to understand… The fraud & greed in this space is uncontrolabe imho.

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