Chess Variants White Plays 2 First Moves :)

Charles Maurian vs Paul Morphy
New Orleans (1854)

1.d4e6 2.c4Nc6 3.d5Ne5 4.f4Ng6 5.Be3Bb4+ 6.Nc3e5 7.Qh5Nf6 8.Qg5Be7 9.f5Nxd5 10.Qh5Nxe3 11.Kf2O-O 12.Kxe3Bg5+ 13.Kf3Nf4 14.Qg4h5 15.Qg3Bh4
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  1. I do nothing but watch anime and memes all day… why is this in my fyp?

  2. Several of Morphy's games with Maurian have been featured on HCV and by Mato, but I've never seen this one, or ANY game where a player gave away TWO opening moves! Piece of art!

  3. Bruh who doesn’t know how to beat someone in chess in 2 moves

  4. Couldve win faster by just putting queen to h5.

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