Chess Variants to Play Alone: Better Than Chess Puzzles?

Is it possible to play chess by yourself? In this video we explore the most popular single-player chess variants, and whether these can be called “chess” or not. These games are solitaire logic puzzles based on the main rules of chess: the pieces’ movements.
I also contribute by developing two games that were not publicly available online: the Queen’s Quadrille and Hippodrome variants. These were made with Unity in a week.

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0:00 Introduction
0:37 Chess puzzles
2:05 Single-player chess variants
3:55 Game announcement
4:26 Outro


Video editor: Flor Niemevz
Vector images:


  1. No bro I want play chess alone on chess board 😂 not on screen

  2. For Queen's Quadrille Opposite Corners, I actually went and found this really good seed!The Board ID of 19 is really good.

  3. This is such an incredibly fascinating video on a topic I never once considered! Thank you for sharing, I’ll definitely give one of these variants a shot!

  4. Severely underrated channel! I love chess but i don't have friends to play with, haha. Thanks!

  5. I really like the effort you put into the visuals and editing. Above and beyond most top channels

  6. You just got into my recommendations, I have a feeling more people is coming to watch this underrated video 🙂

  7. 😀 Loving the vid. I’d recommend checking out Promosm.! ! It’s a great way to grow your channel!

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