Chess Variants Fun: Call of the Wild Show on Chess/TV

International Master Danny Rensch and FIDE Master Kazim Gulamali team up on the Call of the Wild show for some fun with Bughouse, Crazyhouse and other chess variants! They also get into some “scary accents” for Halloween!

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  1. I made up a variant that I call COTATI STYLE CHESS that I came up with playing chess in Cotati, California. There is only ONE difference from regular chess but many variants could also be played "Cotati style".Getting a new piece (almost always a queen) irritates me because…1. The player who promotes a pawn almost always wins unless the other player gets a queen on the VERY NEXT MOVE.2. Immature players do what I call "building a harem" which is getting multiple queens.3. It drags things on with the other player hoping for a lucky stalemate.Well in COTATI STYLE CHESS getting a pawn to the back rank is an INSTANT AND AUTOMATIC WIN. I call it "breaching" and it symbolizes the enemy army breaching the opponent's castle wall.It cleans up a lot of the bull$hit and has almost no effect on the overall strategy as since I said before the player to promote a pawn first almost always wins.A way to make it even LESS different from regular chess could be this: Since in regular chess a player who gets a queen might not win if its immediately captured the rule could be that when a pawn reaches the back rank it STAYS THERE and if a player has a pawn on their opponent's back rank at the START of their turn (giving opponent a chance to prevent breaching win by capturing it) they can declare victory as long as they themselves are not in check. If they are in check they must move out of check and wait till their next turn to declare their victory (with this rule breaching could not get you out of checkmate).

  2. Daniel Densch! Because you dench those amateurs.

  3. Hey Danny, would you mind putting when each of the variants start in the description?

  4. Pro tip for Danny: A real British person wouldn't say, "quite good" 5:13 for a good opportunity, quite good to them means not very good at all.

  5. Danny, what you think about Lichess ? Sincerely asking. What you think of the concept and the site it self? I love both.

  6. Hey hey hey Danny! Great video.. I guess. Just started. ๐Ÿ˜„ Let's go Danny, let's go!

  7. danny, how did you get ranked so high in bullet?

  8. So many dark thoughts at the beginning, Danny – give yourself a break! Kazim comes through and you both have a great time. Always worth it.

  9. I would love too see variants on mobile!

  10. "I'm not a millennial, I'm a child of the 80's"

    Is that some sort of saying, or do you just not know what a millennial is? BTW If you were born between '80 and '00, you're a millennial.

  11. Did you reference Tommy Boy?

    Is your bullet rating so high because you haven't been commentating?

    Is there any master that can out banter Danny?

  12. theoneguywithaverylongusernamewhonobodylikedbecausehisnamewassolong says:

    Loved this variants show, great job Danny keep up the great work man ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Danny team up with title players like chessnetwork…anybody go against John bartholomew in bughouse that would be cool set it up bro

  14. When will mobile be able to walk the moves in tactics back and forth like on the computer?

  15. Easily the best underrated Arnold Film, two words: Last Action Hero

  16. You should add in mashups at points in the game play so it will make it better. Also, I stopped being lazy and broke the barrier, getting a account! This is already so much better than chesskid!

  17. In rapid (fast) chess on chesskid my rating is like 1240 (though I have played for many years and settled my rating out) but on it is 1500something!!!! 6 wins and 1 loss! LETS GO LUCK!

  18. This is how the song should be at 0:130:17 : Back again, Danny's back. Tell a friend, that Danny hacks. lol
    But seriously how do you get that high with your rating and how do you play so fast? I even lose games on time often in 5 minute!

  19. "Lets agree on one accent per game." "German." "Okay." 2 minutes pass, Danny is doing a southern one…….

  20. Do you accept anyone as a partner in bughouse or only the high rated ones?

    Read More

  21. Danny is smart, creative, funny… he's the man!

  22. that wasn't a tactic if you have equal material at the end

  23. I wonder if can arrange a new chess variant:
    2 boards like in bughouse, the pieces captured on 1 board appear to the team partner, but also, like in crazyhouse, they as well pop up on the same board. Double the stakes. Double the fun, double the thrill.

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