Chess Variants: Crazyhouse, 3Check and King of the Hill!

IM Danny Rensch plays chess variants against Members: Crazyhouse, 3Check and King of the Hill are the chess games played today, along with entertaining moments and instructive analysis.


  1. Stick with chess. Leave the songwriting and singing to the professionals

  2. Was the discount double check stat comment at the 46minute mark a reference to Aaron Rodgers?

  3. These are fun, but problem is when im online not many play the variants..

  4. Anyone knows what happens if you mate your opponent in 3-check? Win or draw?

  5. I like how when Danny plays King of the Hill, the only difference from normal chess is that his opponents just start voluntarily marching their kings into checkmate.

  6. The new site is amazing. Particulary like that we can follow the computer analyzis as it analyzes!

  7. I don't have version 3.0. When will it be released?

  8. Im guessing you have kids Daniel because some of those jokes were definitely 'Dad jokes'

  9. Chesscom introduces three-check crazy house. Danny calls for the men in white coats.

  10. I had to dislike, because of the singing part. But the games were fun!

  11. Watch my video if you want to see Napoleon's game⭐🌟🌞

  12. for three check: the only time when a long range piece is not guaranteed a second check: if the opponent interposes with a discovered check. Not gonna happen much, but a possibility 🙂

  13. you can't check again with a queen even if your opponent doesn't capture it IF the queen is pinned to the king so the queen can't move without putting the king in check, thus potentially allowing your opponents king to retreat, or block the queens check.

    also i think i heard you say in a video that a (say white) rook can also always follow check with check, but if the black king can retreat diagonally off the rank/file and a white piece is blocking the square the white rook must go to to give check, then the rook can't give a second check

  14. um…does checkmate count as three checks to win the game

  15. my mum walks into the room and was like.. where is that horrible tune coming from??!!

  16. 10:19 Rxh2?? Once he doesn't take the rook then you get 1 check on h1 and then the king is stuck after knight to G4

  17. 18:10 g7xN he can't take the Queen because of Rg8 check follow by any other check with the rook right?

  18. please dont sing, or atleast not for like 20 minutes

  19. yeah i got a headache from the singing, sorry passing this one

  20. You keep saying "a knight is worth a check" but actually you mean "a check is worth a knight", i.e., it's worth giving up a knight for a check. Your original principle means the opposite.

  21. Four players crazyhouse has to be the craziest of all crazyness.

  22. Can you do chess variants without real life players because it takes an hour for it to start

  23. How does he not know how to give a rematch

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