Chess Variants Are IMPOSSIBLE has a ton of different chess variants and we started by trying a frustrating one. I will be trying out all the other chess variants in the future so subscribe for more!

Check out my other videos, as well as other creators like gothamchess, Hikaru, Magnus Carlsen, agadmator, botezlive, chess nerd and Daniel naroditsky! Together we can all play like frank a.k.a stockfish and play brilliant moves!

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  1. Thanks for watching guys, if you have any video ideas for me to try let me know!❤

  2. me watching the 1600 not realise that if he takes the knight then he can promote at 9:56 edit: nvm

  3. Keep it up sean, remember me when you hit 100k subs

  4. "why is it hard when im playing"

    you can it hard don't you?

  5. the editor should have put a 'God' counter

  6. Alright bro are you a REDNECK or are you a REDNECK

  7. Average botez watcher : 🤡
    Average Gotham subscriber: 😎
    Average Sean passant enjoyer : 🗿

  8. please play xxl chess if you understand the piece movement it is really fun to play its like 960 but better and bigger. No openings just pure strategy

  9. "I'm gonna kick a child" "I'm gonna jump off a bridge" – Sean Passant

  10. Mega under rated chess YouTuber. I love this so much.

  11. I literally saw your channel go from 19.2k to 19.3k without even realising

  12. you can left click on an empty space to get rid of the arrows

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