Chess variant with the FREEZE SPELL (spell chess)

This variant is kind of goofy. I like it though and I probably will play it a little more. You can also probably spot quite a few mistakes in all 3 games in the video, including missing checkmates. The queen blunder in the second game is especially embarrassing, as the game lagged and I had a chance to rethink it. Although my playing strength was pretty poor here, I can ensure you I’ve got some better games coming up.

I don’t know what to think of this clash x chess colab so far, but I like this variant.
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  1. 0:37 here, freeze@d7 and Bxf7 is actually a checkmate, because the black king can't move and there are no other pieces can take the bishop. (The white queen on f3 is irrelevant in this mate)

    You have to be careful when using freeze spell, because if your freeze is on cooldown the opponent might pull off such mate.

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