Chess Variant – King of the Hill

Hey guys, this is Steven here with a Chess Tutorial for those of you bored of old-fashion chess. This will be the 5th video of a series I’m doing on Chess Variants, going over the basic rules with some strategies and tactics mixed in to help get you started.

4-Player Chess (FFA) –
4-Player Chess (Teams) –
4-Player Chess (Bughouse) –
3-4 Player Chess (Hand & Brain) –
King of the Hill –
Chess 960 –
3-Check Chess –
Crazyhouse –

Check out my Old-Fashion Chess for Beginner’s Tutorial Playlist here:

is the platform I use, it is a great website/app – fun place to play and learn.
Find me there – my username is: Steven_Scott


  1. This was helpful thanks.. first time playing this my opponent king was rushing to the center and I was like this king has got some guts.

  2. Great video but I disagree that castling isn't advisable. By Queen side castling your rook protects the D file protecting those 2 centre squares.

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