Chess Variant: Chess960 Rules and Strategies

Hey guys, this is Steven here with a Chess Tutorial for those of you bored of old-fashion chess. This will be the 6th video of a series I’m doing on Chess Variants, going over the basic rules with some strategies and tactics mixed in to help get you started.

4-Player Chess (FFA) –
4-Player Chess (Teams) –
4-Player Chess (Bughouse) –
3-4 Player Chess (Hand & Brain) –
King of the Hill –
Chess 960 –
3-Check Chess –
Crazyhouse –

Check out my Old-Fashion Chess for Beginner’s Tutorial Playlist here:

is the platform I use, it is a great website/app – fun place to play and learn.
Find me there – my username is: Steven_Scott


  1. Don't think you need point a) as point b) covers that.

  2. I feel so dumb not realizing the castling formation

  3. I'm with Fischer on this. I think it's a purer form of chess.
    However, the slight downside is that white tends to have a bit more of an advantage than with standard chess. The standard position is about as fair is it can be and any imbalance will be in white's favour.

    For example, in that starting position white might go for c4, Be4 to control the long light-squared diagonal. Black's queen will be tougher to activate; Black is less likely to get the same opportunity against white; And that could be quite a big advantage to white.

    I think quickly looking through an example game or the first 20 moves (maybe even a png from a GM tournament), as you have with other variants, would help get across how it evolves into a normal game of chess but without one player gaining an advantage from better prep (and a better engine helping that prep).

  4. Thank you for this tutorial It helped me alot

  5. Great video huge thx! I must mention The Butchers video on the Keoni-Hiva gambit! Check it out and use the ideas and strategies and tactics of the KH gambit in chess 960. "A ton of fun!!" As they say in good old USA.

  6. I think of this as a training tool. You need theory to play high level chess but you can play this to keep your skills sharp. Get good at this and then combine it with theory and you have a dangerous player.

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