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#Chess is fun on its own but there are also plenty of chess variants you can try if you are looking for something fresh. Capablanca, Shogi, Shatranj, Atomic Chess, Anti Chess, Crazy Horse, King of the Hill, and Communist Chess are just a few variants you can play with Chess Remix for iOS. This awesome app by Alexander Everett lets you play against AI and friends. Premium users can create their own original games.

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Overall, Chess Remix is one of the coolest chess #variant apps I have tested. It has many variants that I had never even heard of and have major differences to regular chess.

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  1. Hello,I know this is over a year now but I'm here to say thank you for finding me a app with chess variants I've been desperate for variants but the app doesn't have that feature except the web ver that's why I've been looking for a game that has variants and it chess.

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