CHESS PIECES and their Fairy Piece VARIANTS

This video talks about the orthodox chess pieces and their fairy piece variants.

Websites/programs/apps used to make the video: and CapCut

“Dragon knight” video:

“Messenger” video:

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  2. Only amazon can checkmate a king? you're wrong. There is other piece can checkmate a king, the archishop.

  3. Amazon is "one of the only" fairy pieces that can checkmate the king by it ownself. There is some more is the Archbishop, and that means also the Dragon bishop too, but checkmate with 2 of them would be hard because it can only be in the corner, and amazon can do it everywhere. And the chancellor(rook and knight), general(king and knight), the longer knight, and the longer knight plus the knight, and all the infinite piece can only checkmate it in the situation which the king is trapped by its own pieces(smothered mate)

  4. Where Is The Sergeant combination of king and knight)

  5. This will be amazing if normal chess does not exist

  6. A Camel+Knight that goes infinite spaces would probably be a rival for the Amazon

  7. Imagine a God piece. It can move on and tile and you have to get it twice instead of once

  8. Ferz would be also good if it was a pawn variant(can promote)

    It will be a bit stronger than omnipawns( Imagine pawns that also capture back)

  9. Can we appreciate the fact that she doesn’t deserve that much subs for low views

  10. Bro, you know I can’t see what you text on the group chat bc your blocked, so when you write something I can’t see it I can only see aydens and Kefton massages

  11. There are every hybrid pieces but won’t it be cool if bishop and rook combined 😄

  12. the dragon knight (xiangqi horse) moves 1 square straight and 1 diagonal.

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