Chess Masters Attempt Our New Variant in Spell Chess

We gave two of our best commentators, GM Daniel Naroditsky and FM James Canty a little challenge! Play our new Chess Variant, Spell Chess, BUT we didn’t tell them ANYTHING about the variant! See if they can figure it out and beat the other!

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  1. I just wish this variant would stay after the month ends

  2. Finally I can watch Grand Masters playing 400 elo chess.

  3. POV: you feeling like a pro because you played better than this in your first spell chess game and you're sub 1500 elo

  4. This seems suspiciously like a ripoff of a game called Chess Evolved Online. Check it out if you enjoy this variant.

  5. 2:04 bro fr missed a mate in one πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  6. After the event started i played 3 spell games, then the server chashed, the game kept me hostage for 3 hours (not able to start a new one), dislogined me eventually and i still cannot login. The login page just stopped responding.

  7. 6:00 just watch how long is M1 on the board since danya has no freeze spell

  8. what's the point in freezing b2:a4. it's a 3×3 spell so why wouldn't you just freeze c1:a3

  9. James in the second game: "I literally don't care."

  10. so we learned. Being smart in chess doesnt mean you are smart

  11. An actual tournament with top chess players where they play this, but you can also hear what they are thinking would be really fun. Would be a pretty good marketing thing for Clash of clans and stuff too. They put up a solid price pool for the players. Just let the chaos happen. Something more fun and casual which is rare with pro chess players

  12. its so funny how bad Gm's are at certain variants, its fun to watch people who are so much better than me in classical chess miss easy checkmates in a variant

  13. Why wrong colours are written over them

  14. Hikaru calculating: takes, takes, freeze takes, freeze check, my bishop jumps and there's this easy mate in 49

  15. Am I the only one who thought this video was about grammatical spelling chess from the thumbnail …

  16. You're the best platform for playing chess, but ADD VARIANTS TO MOBILE

  17. What if you freeze the king and check it? Is it mate?

  18. bruh if u just freeze the king and give a check its an auto win

  19. This is the variant ChatGPT has been playing the whole time.

  20. 0:02

    perfectly balanced, as all things should be

    (i'm joking alright)

  21. literally the dumbest game mode. just tried it and its just people spamming bishops to take the king.

  22. This was TERRIBLY played by both… So good concept, yet they used like 1% of its potential. Go watch Eric Rosen's spell chess if you want to see some interesting plays. πŸ˜‰

  23. god daym they are bad at this lol. You should have told them at least that you can take the king by jumping over pieces

  24. If there was a spell chess stockfish, they would've had like a total of like 50% accuracy lol

  25. they keep blundering mate over and over in the first game, and then white doesn't play mate but just one move away. I am screaming at my screen like they are 600's, this is insane. How can such good game players be so bad at a game 2 rules away from being standard chess? It just goes to show how little chess strength generalizes to other forms of games (even similar ones) and also other forms of intelligence like science and history. Nice video, I didn't know I needed to see Naro like this!

  26. How do u get to chess Royale mode and chess spell variant

  27. They had more missed wins then me in my casual game! Grandmaster is really prestige title πŸ˜‚

  28. Wtf was that. They turned into beginners just because of two concepts added to a game they are masters in.

  29. Just another variant to farm the bad players copium

  30. never seen titled players miss so many mates in 1

  31. legend has it james is still trying to figure out how to use the jump

  32. so funny that everyone is literally back to square one with a new chess variant, even super GMs XD

  33. Can you use the freeze spell to turn a simple check into capturing a king? Freeze the king on a move with check (with the checking piece outside the freezing area) and capture the king on the next move?

  34. GMs: Sicilian Defense
    Me: e4 e5 Qh4 jumpspell f7 checkmate

  35. My first game I went up against an fm

    I am 900
    Went great πŸ₯²

  36. So many missed wins it was like watching 300’s play standard chess. Haha

  37. Its kinda funny how rigid grandmasters are.

    When presented with anything they haven't prepared for they do worse than normies.

  38. james was tryna figure out the jump spell and daniel was tryna figure out james

  39. 2:05 here he could've used jump spell on the knight to let the bishop capture the king. I'm sure this happened to pretty much everyone.

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