Chess Evolved – Chess Variants Ep. 391

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  1. I made a game just like this in real life 5 years ago now it's on p.c I love playing it grat game

  2. I think having this many piece types compromises the human minds ability to precisely examine the board. In chess, you only have 4 base peices, knight, bishop, rook, and the most complicated, pawn. A queen is just a rook-bishop, and a king is just a distance limited queen. And even with that, you have an insanely complex and difficult to master strategy game. I've played "chess with different armies" and even after 20 games I found myself looking back at the peice move reference sheet to remind me how the pieces moved. Though, for some reason, I am still drawn to chess variants with alternate pieces.

    But I don't like pieces that can attack without moving. In chess, you always move a piece on your turn, even if you don't end up on the same square as the piece you captured, like with en passant. Pieces that capture differently than they move should still always move when they capture. Just removing your opponents piece from the board feels wrong.

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