Variant Tier List

Do you like chess variants. Well, this video is for you. Today we are rating chess variants like atomic chess, fog of war, standard chess, giveaway chess, blindfold chess, duck chess, horde, setup chess, crazy house, and more.


This video includes Chess Memes also.

This video is a joke and should not be taken seriously

This video tries to be educational while being funny.
I make these videos to entertain while learning chess with you.

While I am not sacrificing the rook like GothamChess, female like Anna Cramling or BotezLive, cheeky like Frank, smart as Chessscape, making memes like Top Chess, rapping like Bobby BoJanlle, or as good as Hikaru or Magnus Carlsen, I still try to be entertain and join me on my journey on becoming a “good” chess player while I make entertaining videos trying to learn the game of chess

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Evan King – v a p o r
Evan King – This Frozen Darkness
Evan King – SYNTHWAVE THAT SLAPS โ™ซ Biceps

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  1. i like the atomic chess one check boom

  2. They should make a 3 player chess but 960 variant

  3. Good stuff inspired me to make my own chess variant ๐Ÿ‘. On my channel ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  4. 1st Four Player Chess
    2nd Fog of War
    3rd Doubles (Bughouse)
    4th XXL Chess
    5th Standard

  5. I must say, this is one of the most high effort variants videos that YouTube has had in a while now lol, keep up the great work!

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