Chess, But Pieces Turn Into Stone – Petrified Chess Variant

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  1. This game mode messes up with my brain so hard…. especially the sideways move of the pawns. It's too much!

  2. 0:21 | The first Hogwarts book also had Hermione use that same spell on Neville Longbottom.

    2:20 | I had to go back and reread the rules after seeing that horizontal Pawn move. That's cursed.

  3. Is it just me or is simp sounding a bit sick today? Was something off about the voice

  4. I have no clue what happened in this game.

  5. Sideways pawns are sick they should add that to the normal game next update

  6. I cant with this variant, its so cursed, pawns should not be able to move sideways.

  7. '200% win rate'
    I refuse to believe that you are Asian.

  8. Impressive that for every game he plays he wins two

  9. Shame we didn't get to see the full game. Would be nice if you coulda shown us how the rest went…

  10. you got it wrong
    harry has a scar and malfoy has a tattoo on his arm

  11. Honestly sideways moving pawns is interesting enough to be its own variant.

  12. Damn, Simp actually skipped a few moves before that "resignation".

  13. A2 B2 ???? Where is it mentionned as a. Rule xd

  14. I see why its rarely played, that looks awful to think about

  15. what happened with white and black knights at the end?

  16. Lol at that disclaimer. Thanks for the reminder, simp!

  17. that pawn side move left me :O . it was hilarious to think about just blocking and attacking by moving pawns sideways. pawns should be worth 2 instead of 2 just cause of that move lmao

  18. To be clear, I’m on the side that doesn’t really care about Harry Potter enough to get “triggered” by the author’s actions, as bad as they are. I’m just here to watch a Chess game. That is what I subscribed for, after all.

  19. Simp is a disgrace for Asians for saying 200% win rate😥

  20. They are just turning your challenges into gamemodes now

  21. I was gonna say this is 200% win rate but then you did, amazing

  22. Wait, why did en passant petrify the captured pawn? That smells like a programming bug to me…

  23. If he lost this game his win rate would be 50%

  24. this mode made no sense, other modes you can feel why the rules are the way that they are for balancing reasons, but this mode just feels like a cluster of ideas put together for no reason at all

  25. Seeing pawn move sideways feel very fresh. Maybe they should bring it to normal chess too.

  26. If you get check mated, but you also have more points, do you win? 🤔

  27. That was the most unusual french move I've ever seen

  28. But whats the reason pawns can move sideways?^^

  29. next chess variant video: "now you might be wondering about my 1900 rating, well this is my second game because in my first I was taking on Magnus Carlsen and he was petrified and gave me a free win"

  30. "Pawn to B2" is such a fucking cursed phrase. I love it.

  31. Imagine killing a person and they just… turn into stone. That would be horrifying.

  32. Why is the board different on the resignation screen?

  33. So on top of being complex, it seems like there are some bugs as well 😅
    You really dominated by maximally using the pawns, especially their sideways move though. Very well played!

  34. This was so fun to watch! I wish you'd played this variant again. That pawn play is pure comedic entertainment!

  35. Someone forgot to program the en passant 😂

  36. Nahhh the pawn to b2 absolute gigachad troll move

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