Chaturaji chess variant

Played chess but a variant of it. The boats move like rooks and pawns can only promote to boats. There’s no checkmates but you can’t move pieces when your king is captured. Most points wins

Custom Chess


  1. I'm sorry; I really like your channel, but that is not the real Chaturaji. Boats move like Alfils in the real one, not rooks, and there is no bishop. And there are a lot of weird rules that I don't remember. And there are also dice in some versions.

  2. seeing a ship on a chess board brings out all sorts of unexplainable emotions hidden deep within my soul

  3. Am I the only one that realised the moves are synced with the music

  4. Come on man! Pump out some meme, the coffee is still hot and you're slippin' I believe in you!

  5. if the boats move just like rooks why not just use rooks?

  6. Yellow King takes blue pawn on c1 makes me very disturbed

  7. It's how Our Indian ancestors play chess

    Chess originated from India and this game is know as Chaturaji in Sanskrit where Chatu means four

    Four player play on 8×8 board and four main pieces

    Mainly, in Chaturaji we roll a special dice and accordingly move our pieces

  8. Hey man, I'm trying to get a chess youtuber community going (I also make videos). Email me and we can get in touch, my email is in my about page.

  9. What does the ship repr2sent ? And what us the pattern of moving it

  10. wait
    why did red loose?
    Didn't red have like 3 other pieces??

  11. So THIS is what hypixel mega walls came from…

  12. Why is there not any check/checkmate what is thsi

  13. Sadly it's not faithful. For example, boat should move like an alfil and you shouldn't be able to kill a player just by eating a king.

  14. Watching normal chess video: ⬆⬇⬆⬇⬆⬇
    Watching this video: ⬆➡⬇⬅⬆➡⬇⬅⬆➡⬇⬅

  15. так а хто ж виграв пацани ?

  16. Theres some part where the peices move that rymthe with the beat
    Sound cool af

  17. you played really well for a 1400
    im a 2100 and thats not so different from how i play

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