Chaturaji Chess Variant Stategy

In This Chaturaji video, I explain strategy Guide for the Chess Variant Chaturaji. It is a four-player chess variant. The boats move like rooks and pawns can only promote to boats. You don’t need to checkmate instead get the most amount of points to win.


  1. 6.g Is amassive blunder as it allows Yellow to play g4… BxB was much stronger

  2. I love ur commentary im dyin bruh u can do 2 takes man hahahaha

  3. Nice video but I disagree about Blue being the weakest player. Not sure where you got that from other than the fact that Blue can be checked first, by red D pawn, but that can easily be defended?

    Most players I've played with would say Green is in the worst position moving last.

    B pawn as Red and attacking the diagonal is the best opening strategy.

    I challenge you to a game of Raji! Let's go

  4. Also probably should just mention that "claim win" is just the same as resigning, you give 3 points to your opponent as you sac your King

  5. Wow this game is interesting thx for explaining 🤗

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