Capablanca Chess | A new challenge for Stockfish

Capablanca chess (or Capablanca’s chess) is a chess variant invented in the 1920s by World Chess Champion José Raúl Capablanca.
It incorporates two new pieces and is played on a 10×8 board. Capablanca believed that chess would be played out in a few decades (meaning games between GMs would always end in draws). This threat of “draw death” for chess was his main motivation for creating a more complex version of the game.

* The archbishop combines powers of a bishop and a knight.
* The chancellor combines powers of a rook and a knight.

The new pieces allow new strategies and possibilities that change the game. For example, the archbishop by itself can checkmate a lone king in the corner (when placed diagonally with one square in between).


  1. seeing the thumbnail i thought it was gonna be a 10×4 board

  2. How can I use stockfish on boards like this?
    Is there a particular interface to do it?

  3. Beautiful channel, I was playing with this idea for a channel for a while but never had guts to commit to the time and effort it required. Hope you enjoy and benefit from your good work. would be great to let engine analyze the move for longer time (perhaps 40 Move 120m) and play back with 1 move per second. Also would be great if you could share the link (at least for standard games) and/or evaluation on screen. Some of the moves seems stupid but I am sure if we look into the lines it should be interesting.

  4. So is whites advantage just insurmountable with optimal (or close enough w/ Stockfish) play?

  5. The most interesting chess variant that I've ever heard of is… Well, I checked Wikipedia, and it I didn't see it listed, so I don't know what the name is, or if it has a name. 🙂

    Its very straightforward, though: All the rules are the same as normal chess, except that when a draw would otherwise occur (due to the 50 move rule, or a draw offer made and accepted), the next player to move returns whichever of their pieces was captured last to the board, in the position that it occupied prior to being captured. If that location is occupied by a hostile piece, that piece is captured. If that location is occupied by a friendly piece, the player has the option of forgoing returning the missing piece or "capturing" the friendly piece. In the case of draws due to the 50 move rule, pieces will continue to be returned (one each players turn) until some specific number of pieces are on the board — in the case of a draw offer made and accepted, each player will return one piece, with the player that accepted the draw offer adding the first piece. Note that returning a piece doesn't replace the players normal move — its "in addition", and occurs before the normal move is made. Thus, the newly returned piece can be moved the turn it returns.

    The idea, of course, is to reduce or eliminate draws. Given that it isn't even listed on the WIkipedia's rather exhaustive list of chess variants, I'm pretty certain that it doesn't actually work that way. 🙂

  6. Fun video!
    I wonder how stockfish evaluated the value of the pieces. Are rough values hard coded, or deduced somehow? Trading a chancellor or queen for an archbishop seems a bad idea…

  7. It’s great that you make these videos you could end up with the new pieces like the archbishop against the queen and three pawns each.

  8. I desired a channel like this for a long time. Thank you for your effort, keep up the good work. Also I would like to see a game played by an engine that tries to make the worst possibile move at every turn.

  9. I guess the queens can be replaced with Amazons

  10. Chansler estimate bish and kight 6 points
    Rook and kight 8

  11. Black played passive opening that's why he lost

  12. Hi neural chess 👋🏽

    I really like your content and appreciate ur efforts on this type of fairy chess,i suggest a chess variant which called (standard fairy chess) which i think about and i want to see it
    This variant works that having every possible Standard chess piece that can compare with knight & bishop & Rock
    So the pieces in it will be like this
    1knight 1bishop 1rock 1queen 1king 1chancellor 1archibishop 1amazon in the last row of each colour
    The position is random like bobby Fischer 960chess..

    This is my variant and i hope you like it,bye

  13. can you try doing some anti- variants?
    i.e. with forced captures?

  14. Please make a video on centaurs, and test it against the archbishop, to see which piece would win (removing the knight component would transform both pieces to mann (king, but nonroyal) and bishop respectively, which would result in a mann having the advantage, I wonder what would happen in a centaur vs archbishop matchup, which is the similar as mann vs bishop, but now both are augmented with knight moves)

    P.S = Centaur is Mann + Knight

  15. How about 10×4 chess?
    Or how about 10×10?
    Or 4 player chess?

  16. I love the whole idea of a system originally created for a variation of maximum performance for standard chess playing a game where triple long castling is a casual integer in it. The whole board feels like war as all the pieces are either locked in an attack or lain askew across the board and with a system known for it’s devastating locking of pieces to get absolutely disgusting checkmates, it’s quite beautiful in a sense for the two stockfishes to go in full on combat.

  17. Edward, you were playing against Capablanca of course he would crush you quickly.

  18. интересно конеслонь и конеладья

  19. Do you know any place where I can play it online?

  20. Can you make a video on Orda Chess? It's a great variant featuring the kheshig, a piece that moves like the centaur (knight + non royal king)

  21. You know stockfish smokes weeds when it doesn't do the french move

  22. Given how it plays out it seems white has an overwhelming advantage at least if you're at Stockfish's level

  23. How about simply adding a row to normal chess? This is, to initiate the game with black pieces in rows 8 and 9. How much would theory change? How would stockfish play?

  24. Yea, I don't like the piece names. They are now the knishop, and the knook.

  25. Panoramic interesting chess figure and game and quickly match.😐

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