Brilliant Move To Win The Queen #chess #brilliant #brilliantmove #shorts

#chess #shorts #checkmate #brilliantmove #brilliant

a brilliant and beautiful rook move to win with checkmate
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  1. It's a gorgeous move indeed…don't forget to subscribe and watch more of my videos for more brilliant chess !

  2. If white takes the ”free bishop” black moves his Queen to e4

  3. Sac bishop
    Sac rook
    Move queen and win

  4. Bro you could of got the queen without sacrificing the bishop

  5. if take bishop then Qc7 and king has to move and now white queen can be captured

  6. Bro bro that was unnecessary just simply play queen to c2

  7. If queen takes then black queen comes on the g4 square and checkmate

  8. If White Queen takes bishop and Qg4, wouldn’t the knight just take queen?

  9. Qc2, king have to move and then Queen takes white Queen.

  10. Qxc2+ is crazy bro (edit because my spelling was trash)

  11. White Queen takes h7 then black queen take c2 then knight go to e4 then black queen takes e4

  12. The queen should actually take so that they gain atleast little material, this is the legendary skewer

  13. Simple. White should sacrifice the king to keep the queen. Easy puzzle.

  14. all the 100 elos thinking he can just take and also people thinking the right move is qe4+ bruh just qxc2+ and you win

  15. It’s a brilliant as queen takes bishop qxc2 skewers the king and queen

  16. Wanna Play Chess?

  17. Queen takes bishop and then black queen to xc2 A skewer

  18. Queen C7 check and then take the white queen

  19. Great but stop posting these shorts and videos

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