Bobby Fischer on Paul Morphy and how opening theory destroyed chess “I hate chess” – Bobby Fischer.

Bobby Fischer talks about opening theory and why he invented Fischer Random Chess aka chess 960

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  1. I'm rated like 1500-1600 hundred and can beat the people on the streets… I've recognized a long time ago, if I want to get better I would need to study opening theory and that has always felt like a waste of time. I've picked up on the more common opening in passing and so I know a few and do sometimes play like kings gambit, english, dutch, king indian, etc, but really all my games are all unique and I just focus on creativity. Chess is really not interesting to study…

  2. Well the hundreds of millions of people who still play chess can't be wrong, I still love chess even with the memorization. I feel like if that "destroyed chess" then there wouldn't be so many people still playing it.

  3. If I was a millionaire I would love to organize a tournament alike the candidates but for 960, with all the top chess players, not like what we have today is too short too few games, two full hours with increment at move 30 or 40 and 60, and ofc 15 min to prepare for the opening

  4. The subtitles are ridiculous. XD
    "Are you the masturbator?"
    "Oh wow, um, obviously I think so, right." XD

  5. Listening to him talking is pure pleasure. And they called him cra-zy?

  6. Pues cada quien tiene lo suyo no?

  7. The name "Game" does not go with the chess that he describes, A Game is to have fun, to have a good time, laugh and perhaps get angry but a simple anger that is forgotten at the moment. The "Professional Game of Chess" is the worst of all, there is no fun, no new trivia, no laughter, All you see is some guys in ties trying to List their Names as the "Best in the World", and I'm not saying it's bad; but the example they give to the rest of the world, that is to say, to the young people of the new generations, is disastrous, because it is no longer fun in any stratum, but rather an irrational obsession, solely for Winning and Winning to magnify your Ego, it is almost a slavery.

  8. definitely creativity is lower down on the list! that 100℅ reality!

  9. "Name one genius that ain't crazy" -Kanye West

  10. The *only man who could possibly beat Stockfish.

  11. I've gotten in and out of chess over the years and he's explaining exactly why. It comes down to memorization rather than creative thought. The "creativity" in the game continues to come later and later in the game because people continue to get better at memorizing openings, which just isn't that fun unless you're obsessive compulsive.

  12. This guy’s less crazy than I assumed him to be, after actually listening to him speak. He’s got beef with theory, and what it did to chess. Big woop. Yeah, his disdainful attitude is a little over the top considering how good he was at chess. He was handsome, smart, quick-witted. Would certainly be a modern day celebrity with his wild, yet honest, takes – he’d be like the kanye of chess. Twitch and YT would love him.

  13. Bobby is very smart and based for calling out the tribe

  14. I am just a mediocre chessplayer but I do enjoy a game occasionally.
    What really bothers me about chess is it wastes intellectual ability. We need doctors, engineers and scientist, and so many chessplayers could have been those people, but instead got seduced by a silly game. Now, their abilities benefit no one. There are smart people hustling chess in public parks rather doing something which benefits society.

  15. It’s mind boggling to think that someone today could invent chess again, what would it be? It would need to be free form but also balanced. And as Bobby was stressing it needs to have simple rules that still open an everlasting amount of doors of possibility. Chess is great cuz it’s like an iceberg u learn the rules and u ACTUALLY FEEL like u got the hang of it until u realize 90% of that iceberg is underwater.

  16. Fischer was so, so wrong all these years. Never has a man who mastered something ultimately been proven so stupid by it. I guess that's still the brilliance of chess. A.I. has shown opening theory still isn't as important as creative middle and end games. if Fischer wouldn't have been so afraid of playing he could've dominated as this was his strength. Instead he wasted his time coming up with dumb excuses.

  17. I wanted him to speak more about Fischer Random, but the annoying interviewer kept on interrupting his flow.

  18. I still say that when Bobby Fisher was in his prime, he was the greatest player ever. He did things that had not been done before, and no one has done them ever since. And I’m talking being the youngest grandmaster, winning every US championship, eight of them. He’s also the only one that won a US championship with a perfect score. Then winning 20 straight grandmaster games at the highest level. No one did that before, no one has done it ever since.

  19. i get it. his mind was meant for more abstract things that excited rather than extinguished.

  20. ALL games have predetermined lines and the objective is to take advantage of your opponents FIRST mistake.

  21. Both Morphy and Fischer ended up hating chess and both became deranged later in life.

  22. Easy fix. Raffle box with potential pieces that can be moved.

  23. What a mess this one time genius became.

  24. First of all Fisher is far away from the best in Chess.
    He is the best Anglo-Saxon in Chess for sure….. but not even close to top 3 in general.
    His oppinion is loaded and full of prejuduce.
    The game is 5 000 years old.
    Fisher is just a fish in the ocean of chess, and he is not even a big fish.

  25. It's not Bobby Fischer who's crazy. LOL, he's the same genius. And who does he respect: Morphy and Capablanca. That tells me all I need to know.

  26. He is smart man …..he wasn’t insane…. He was logical and mindful

  27. Tragic that he came to think that way.

  28. Subtitles at 5:55
    Interviewer: Are you the masturbator?
    Bobby : Obv I think so right
    He's the greatest chess mastubator of all time really

  29. Fischer predicted the future k some Israeli dude got busted for always using the sane moves. Magnus Carlson played him, made one move and resigned. He got busted Fischer is rifht there is no crestivity

  30. Insane Magnus streams are gonna be 🔥

  31. loved chess when i was a kid. i beat almost anyone i played, so my parents told me to learn chess more seriusly. but i didnt like it, it was considered too nerdy back then… i played alot as a kid until no one wanted to play me no more. and then i didnt play chess for 1 or 2 decades. i recently took a few games online, im only at 1200 rating. 😀

  32. Fischer is spot on and I would say this is the disease of the spirit of these times; we are rewarding only one type of intelligence, namely the structured, logical, and mnemonic type. This works for a while until the computers beat us at it, and then we have to invent new “games” but what detriment to society in terms of constancy. Art such as drawing, painting, making music, and writing has been with us for millennia as has chess and now we’ve depleted its secrets, handed it over to the AI, sold out for effectiveness in every part of life be it sowing, rowing, cooking or growing and harvesting food. “Computers do it better.” We gain comfort, predictability but we lose the breath of life that inspires. Instead, we now have a new synthetic god to marvel at. I’m not impressed with computers. I’m not impressed with books or theory. I’m not impressed with humans who believe they are the movement behind their actions… I believe in the Holy Spirit. This is the real power of the world that can make anything magical… Feel it and you will never be impressed with any machine ever again. Not even your own brain. 🕊

  33. Sounds perfectly sound and convincing to me. Chess is very much about theory and learning by heart. The most machine-like brain will win.

  34. Opening theory is just memorising a portion of the solved game. This is what kills innovation and as a by-product kills the game. You can see the same problem with the economy. Maybe there are bad people but the real problem in our world is our need for exploration and the impact of "solutions" we have implemented.

  35. I feel sad every time when I see truly smart people wasting their time with fairies and unicorns😔

  36. Chess Fischer Random was a great idea! The end of the openings theory.

  37. Im new to chess and I think this video may jabe killed chess for me. I can now see how theory has killed chess to him.

  38. Chess is more than just memorization and theory. It's a game that sparks creativity, adaptability, and strategic thinking. Memorizing moves won't guarantee success. Chess is like a mental sport that demands concentration, calculation, and intuition. It's about clever moves and thinking on your feet. So let's appreciate chess for its magic and the skills it requires. Enjoy playing!

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