Best Strategies for Racing Kings Chess Variant

This game is currently only available on, but it’s free to play does not currently support it.


  1. @6:36 You can move Qxf5 and capture his knight.. He cant recapture with his queen as it is a check… Then you can move back to g5

  2. daamm I'm stealing this opening I've never played the variant so I'm gonna start with this opening thanks

  3. I like the knight C2 opening it forces the board into an interesting position early

  4. I watched the video looking for advice … then I thought … that voice … before I realized… good one Vince!!

  5. its just a bad game mode at its core. the better version (which they never added) was called iron king. first to get the king to the end of the board but its a normal chess set where you can't check. that way, the king becomes an active participant. lichess is always known for bad decisions, their admins are sjws.

  6. I think king one forward but staying in the same column is a pretty good is a pretty good starting move, because it protects the rook and one of the bishops.

  7. I think a rook is worse than a queen and also they should add pawns because it would be interesting. This is because the queen can't give check and this causes me to hate the queen. Adding pawns would be interesting because would you make a rook or bishop to makes lesser checks or queen but more odds of chess.

  8. bishop g7 for black would e best so that is a bad blunder

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