Bday stream with Creative Genius. All sorts of chess variants :)-Ft. Aravindh,Srinath,Karthi & Prag.

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Thumbnail Credit:Pulkit Mehta

Music credit: Saggian,

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  1. Please make one official Tamil stream with all the TN players including Vishy sir & Ramesh sir. It was really fun today. Mikka Nanri ❤

  2. I think 90% of our top chess players are from south

  3. One of the most fun streams I've seen anna. Please call these TN players more often.

  4. Yess an exclusive tamizh stream would be amazing! ❤️

  5. Today's stream was too op…!!! Want more like this…BEAST OP <3

  6. I've never seen Pragg talk so freely. He's clearly more comfortable around these players.

  7. Namlku full tamizh stream venum anna…yellam TN Players a konduvanga

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