Baileywiki Sep 2023 Release – Cities & Settlements Expansion, 3D Castle Prefabs, Dungeondraft Assets

It’s Sept of 2023, and this release is a large one. For those interested in building compelling cities and settlements, we have a new set of city backdrops as well as hundreds of new facade prefabs and reworked “smart” roofs across the entire library. You also get a new “ancient” architectural style which we’ll be expanding in the future.

For Advanced Foundry patreons, we have a lot of new 3D assets, but specifically castle prefabs that let you assemble your own custom castles with ease. Also some fantastic and creative new scenes from Violet that will fit with many sea-based campaigns.

And finally, Dungeondraft users get 12 new assets packs, splitting apart the old Rich Textures pack into managable, organized smaller packs, with 4 of them getting new updates including the Ancient architecture assets. You also get new barrels, crates, and sacks, which is a precursor to more clutter prefabs coming next month.

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Modules Used or Referenced
Elevated Vision by Caewok
Mass Edit by Aedif
Token Magic FX by SecretFire
Monk’s Active Tile Triggers by Ironmonk
Multiface Tiles by Freeze RPG
Tagger by Wasp
3d Preview by theRipper93
Token Attacher by KayelGee
Levels Modules:
Levels by Ripper
Wall Height by Ripper
Better Roofs by Ripper

Featured Links:
Artwork by Baileywiki using assets from…
Tom Cartos Assets

00:00 Release Overview
02:12 Where to Find New Assets
02:49 New Compendium Folder Organization
02:52 Foundry Basic – Ancient Architecture
08:52 FB – Facades
13:39 FB – City Settlements
18:38 FB – Forest Settlements
20:09 FB – Finished Scenes
25:29 Foundry Advanced – 3D Prefabs
31:26 FA – 3D Castle
32:37 FA – 3D Scenes by Violet
36:53 Dungeondraft – Part 1
41:50 DD – Part 2
44:41 Closing


  1. Hey there 😊 I was wondering what your licensing policy is? I couldn’t find anything on the topic. I’m thinking about doing a map for a future project in dungeondraft and wanted to check if it’s ok to use your assets in that map.

  2. Am I blind or are there no timestamps in this?

  3. How do i get BW assets into dungeon draft to build from there? I haven't tried that before. I have the software but haven't mucked around with it.

  4. I hope you guys up the bitrate in future recordings. Very pixelated whenever something changes on screen. Especially noticeable at 3:00

  5. Did Swift get a new mic, or just figure out some better settings? Glad he's coming through more clearly either way.
    Keep up the amazing work Baileywiki team.

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