ASMR Conspiracy Theories About VIDEO GAMES (Whispered)

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  1. A good one is a theory about the games quantum break, control and Allan wake being connected

  2. Highly recommend Destiny if you’ve never played. It’s a huge and interesting game for a new player to explore

  3. Asmr history about scientists who were part of warfare (Fritz Haber, oppenheimer etc) would be really cool. Great video btw😊

  4. I have a theory, the mustache is fake… way too perfect

  5. An asmr video about the most terrifying experiments would be such a nice and entertaining asmr video

  6. It was my first day at college today lol I’m studying level 3 diploma uniformed services idk why I told you this but yeah lol

  7. I genuinely love videos where you explore mysteries, creepy stories, unexplained events, etc. As a "bloke across the pond" the accent is quality – everything sounds much more official and polished lol. Question: have you thought about doing a Mythology series? Could do Mediterranean cultures (Greek/Roman/Phoenician), South American cultures, Native American cultures, etc. Just throwing out ideas 🙂 Thanks for all the videos! Hope the channel continues to grow, you deserve it

  8. Could you do a video on the conspiracies around Bill Gates? People are wild. It goes from making viruses to control the world’s population to aliens. 💀

  9. My favorite! Conspiracies are the absolute best.

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