Arsenal Pass Ep126 – Why You Aren’t Winning Events

In This Week’s Episode:

0:00 – Intro | Triggers and Twitter Drama | Kanoker
22:30 – The News
26:26 – Command and Cookout
37:52 – Main Topic – Why You Aren’t Winning Events
1:18:57 – Wrap-Up

In today’s episode, we delve deep into the strategies of winning high-level competitive card game tournaments. From understanding the ever-evolving meta, to employing psychological tactics that can give you an edge, to the art of choosing and modifying your deck on the fly – we cover it all. Drawing from our own experiences, and sprinkling in listener questions and real-world examples, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and insight needed to rise to the top. Whether you’re aiming for local dominance or national recognition, these tips and techniques are your ticket to success!



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  1. having the “main topic” 38 minutes into the episode is wild

  2. Amazing episode with great advice. Thank you

  3. For me it's funny to listen someone goes "choose the right deck"… In CC I just have one deck! And it's incomplete!

  4. Kanoker sounds bonkers and I need to try it

  5. Dash makes for a fairly cost effective new start deck that will get some happy wins in either format. Full boost is powerful and easy to understand

  6. I think there are cheap and accessible decks that compete at the armory level but there's very little ways for a new player to find it. For example you could play boost dash or Lynx katsu for $50 but where would you find that list. Just making a white border Precon CC deck for those types of strategies would give new players a clear entry point that just doesn't suck. Add in some catchall sideboard guide, basic gameplan explainer, and a blitz configuration for it and you're cruising. Whatever price hits you see to the reprinted majestics would be worth it.

  7. I have never played Kano but I *need* to play this Kanoker you speak of.

  8. I think you jut need to remember how your deck works. If you do a thing, say u do the thing. If you short cut to writing down damage first and then u say do the thing, Judges stand by and say "do the thing". If you didnt say do the thing and moved on….u missed the thing.

  9. Can you please do a kanoker gameplay video!

  10. Im actually working on a kano spreadsheet atm lol.

  11. I'm not winning any events because I'm playing kano

  12. Commoner is an important topic. Any time someone brings it up I quickly reply that I can't play every hero in the game, so why would I practice playing a shittier version of the game when I can be learning a new hero?

    That being said I think it makes the game approachable, which is great! But as a competitor why would I want to sacrifice ref laps 3:56

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