Are 36 Pawns Better than ALL PIECES in Chess?

I played a couple games of chess with only pawns against ALL pieces. What is best?

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. I'm early, love from France 🇫🇷 💞
    MVL Goat 🐐

  2. Hi Mr Editor! How are you today? Thank's for your work!

  3. This reminds me of the question.. would you rather fight 500 chicken or one 5 feet tall chicken ??🐔

  4. After seeing this type of chess for the first time, there should be less pawns for white. Also, instead of having a king for black, black should be able to choose any alternate piece they want. Just my thoughts💜

  5. This is how I see the board when someone starts ramdomly pushing his pawns

  6. Love from India, Anna ❤️👍🇮🇳

  7. Yo this use to be my fav variant of Chess a couple years ago

  8. How does Anna have only 43k subscribers??

    This is a travesty and we need to fix this situation.

  9. You are fighing with probably 36 queens…and you doubt if it can win against so small cavalry of opponent..

  10. your voice is like a 5-year-old boy crying for a 1 cent candy

  11. 36 pawns+starting space advantage is too much. But where is your king? It's stupid without king

  12. Today I realised that Anna is the same age as me, wtf

  13. So. Do y'all think she's gonna start pushing?

  14. at 9:04 I think she should sacrifice the rook and then capture back on H2 with the queen. She would be able to completely obliterate the position, capturing all of the pawns on the back rank and then capturing all the pawns from behind. She could sacrifice whatever pieces she needs to keep the approaching pawns from promoting, and then she'd be able to destroy all the pawns from behind. If I tried this challenge, my main goal would be to get behind all of the pawns

  15. Well, white’s king can’t ever be checkmated since there is no king, soooo

  16. This looks like white is unbeatable with best play to me

  17. But are you going to push? that might be a good idea.

  18. Ah yes the Russian/Soviet Union variant of chess. Yes yes down with the monarchy ahahahaha

  19. reminds me of white walkers attacking winterfell.

  20. and now i am a fan of anna, this is her first video i saw

  21. It's almost impossible to win with the pawns if your opponent knows what he's doing you can just sac your rook and any piece on the a or h file and you will eventually break through

  22. 2:19 am i crazy or is there a forced checkmate in 2 for her here

  23. Ou wow. Is she/Are you taken? So beatyfull and lovely<33

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