Are 36 Pawns Better than ALL PIECES in Chess?

I played a couple games of chess with only pawns against ALL pieces. What is best?

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  1. Not a chess player, but would it be best to push pawns to 5th rank, so black is in zugzwang, because black runs out first of free squares to move into?

  2. I think the strategy if you are the non-pawns team is to:
    – sacrifice your own pawns first to open up the space
    – find holes in the pawn structure to avoid sacrificing your pieces
    – try to get to the back of the pawns because then you can eat them for free, while also keeping the front line so they don’t become queens..

    ? 🤔

  3. "To be honest? Like, I'm not gonna lie, why're you screaming all the time? If you weren't so hot, I don't think that many people would be watching."

  4. Anna made this variation look easy…… I struggle so hard… (1600+ RAPID)

  5. Black can’t even do anything there’s nothing to attack

  6. The Soviet Game

    Lets throw soldiers until they run out of ammo

  7. basically comes down to if rook or queen makes it behind the horde of pawns

  8. She said "pushing" 138 times….also a statistic 😀

  9. Anna’s joy and enthusiasm is infectious! It is so much fun to watch her; she has a delightful personality.

  10. This look like checker except you move diagonaly only to eat a piece.

  11. When Putin confuses overwhelming number of pawns with modern military strategy.

  12. What is the point of this if white has no King? Isn't that piece important in the game of chess? 🤣

  13. How do black Chess the white…. oh, that… no White King

  14. Stumbled across this channel because it got recommended to me. Why is she screaming every word she says?

  15. The audio alone could be of a birth.

    Start pushing
    Then push
    And push.
    Now push again

  16. It seems like it would be very difficult to lose

  17. white has horribad pawn structure :/

  18. Drinking game idea: everytime she says "pushing" take a shot!

  19. can you get stockfish to play both sides to see i think this way you would know for sure what is better

  20. how much she talks. i would just focus the entire game and not say a word

  21. Annaaaa why did you not mate them using the pawn??? Youre so nice🥺♥️

  22. I played this before and I mostly wins with black and loses with white..

  23. Have you tried the variant where the king cannot be checked? You can give checkmate, not check, I've always very much enjoyed it.

  24. I wanna be the king so i can promote you to my queen 💛😔

  25. Where's the whit king? This is one stupid video.

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