Are 36 Pawns Better than ALL PIECES in Chess?

I played a couple games of chess with only pawns against ALL pieces. What is best?

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. It should be near impossible to lose as pawns. Just move up with all of them like a shield wall

  2. You're pushing so much you would think you're having triplets

  3. it would have been cool to promote all pawns! lol

  4. Just noticed that Anna doesn't even have a King…

  5. In ultrabullet horde, White always wins. Every move is just a one-square slide and Black will never be able to take all 36 pawns in so little time.

  6. you are soo excited. wish i get this excited about anything

  7. what is twitch tv and why would we need that?

  8. Drinking game: every time she says the word push


  10. i try it white will destroy all the you are not use strategi dig hole in one line then the pawn will collapse

  11. keep pushing. i'll go here. nice nice

  12. Jesus loves you alot trust in His death 4 salvation and be saved from eternal hell <3 Jesus died on the cross for you bro.

  13. my gosh, what a strong player and what a beauty! I'm officially impressed

  14. If you only have pawns and no king, you can’t lose!!!!!!😂

  15. This shows that if the masses can stand against the tyrannical hierarchy, they can easily win!

  16. size of boobies == size of brain… good game

  17. from the nature of the game where you need to sacrifice a piece for a piece the obv answer is pawns

  18. You should get some voice training. You sound like an over-excited 8 year old. This spoils a very creative video.

  19. All she can do is push because she only has pawns
    “Ok I’m gonna push”

  20. 8:34
    you missed an opening for the queen to just pac-man and eat up everything. move queen to h7 and then down to h4, nobody can capture before you move to e1 and just start gobbling the entire back row. if he tries pawn to g3 to block you then push to h3 and then move diagonally to f1, then if he tries to block with pawn to g2 then you can safely take on h2 and take again on h1
    then once you are on the 1st rank you can just go ham, it becomes a game of whether he can put you into checkmate before 30 moves pass, or whether you have enough pieces left to safely restrict his movement.
    ironically, white might stalemate from no legal moves if you forget about having the front line locked up while you're eating everything with the queen

  21. I guess like in real life if everyone wake up against the elite. They are nothing against us.

  22. This is like the Zombie Apocalypse problem, yeah zombies are easy to kill but when a horde of them are coming at you you are probably fucked

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  24. you're brilliant and wonderful and beautiful and everything… but you kind of yell (or your microphone is too sensitive)

  25. Fun idea but I’ve been here for only a few seconds and I have to leave because of your voice

  26. I'm 5 seconds in and already iritated by her voice, I'm sorry guys, but this is unwatchable with sound

  27. jesus christ how does this chick have any subscribers. Any hot factor is instantly lost to the super overannoying youtuber cliche voices and constant sayings "ok lets push here ok ok ok ok ok we will go here ok ok ok ok" and how do you forget how to win a game of chess after full reading a fucking sheet…

  28. Was she actually pushing with the pawns? Not sure through out the video if she was keeping on pushing

  29. its so annoying how many times she says "im going to push".


  30. She is a beautiful young woman, always laughing and full of joy. Her beautiful spirit lights up every video. Thank you for all these funny videos.

  31. If you play with black, it seems like you should try to go by the edge of the board with a queen behind all those pawns and then try to prevent promotion while eating pawns from their backside.

  32. Lesson of the day. 36 pawns are better than 36 pawns worth of entire chess board.

  33. Lmao this reminded me to when I was a beginner, pushing pawns like they're free

  34. How cool was that ? That was fun. Thanks Chess Princess.

  35. Just want to let everyone know I sat through two (2) non skippable 15-second commercials to watch this video.

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