Anti Loki Brewing Day – Marvel SNAP Live Stream Gameplay Archives

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  1. all these links and advertisement for the decktracker but no code for the deck…

  2. The BM from opponents in this game is laughable, bit also highly irritating. So many shit heap players only ever start spamming emotes when they either fluke the win or you get stung by a shitty location, locking you out. Most of the time when they win via rng luck they start the emotes, yet they hadn't the balls to Snap. Enjoy the 4 cubes dim wit, I imagine they rarely win so they get over excited.

  3. I wonder how much testing did the devs do for all new cards. I can foresee Loki getting nerf before the season ends. Maybe Alioth and M.Morbius as well after their release.

  4. 19:41 Ahh, a bizarre Move interaction, my favorite! Fun Fact: if you sequence the Hulkbuster before moving the Multiple Man, the MM clone will also get the +5, since he hasn’t “locked in” his move until after HB has attached.

  5. Couldn’t be happier you gave comeuppance to the BMer, earned that toxicity from you

  6. Ahh my favorite mutant, Magento! Lol

  7. I dont think loki is op at all but the cost reduction and randomness makes it hard to actually play around what they are going to do, and that lack of agency can be really annoying so i understand the frustration

  8. "Won't somebody please think about the children?!?" – Generous Pimp

  9. Dude soaking turn 5 with mindscape on the possible Infinaut read was just fucking sick. God damn.

  10. People can say whatever they want about you, Jeff. You keeping it real about the 'hysteria' over card releases mere days after a card has hit the public will always make me happy. The seething sarcasm fuels me 🙂

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