4 Player Chess ft. Gotham, Hikaru, Agadmator, Nemo

I teamed up with Agadmator to take down Hikaru and Qiyu. Mostly Qiyu.

In this video:
Hikaru. Do I really need to put his links?
Twitch at

Agadmator. How do you not know him already?

WGM Qiyu Zhou:


  1. I saw a post on Facebook about four player chess so I googled than checked You Tube for videos this hopefully is informative on how it’s played

  2. Gotham pleasee do these again! These made for awesome content

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at 23:22, can't red play Ra4 checkmate? Cause the next turn is for blue, but he can't move anywhere because of the ladder checkmate. I may be missing something, as I doubt these top players would miss mate in 1

  4. At 3:00 Hikaru's like yeah after that knight moved you're just losing. Haha omg'

  5. This is the second time I seen this game and I see every one opening like I open in normal chess for the reason there is so much to see and do and this ideal should improve the sight to see,I hope for I just created and finished a board with the same amount of pieces which you can play 2 or 4 player and or teams and several other ways which I'm working on but it's called chainbox chess battle of the box's and I'm working on another one that I believe that it will reveal tatics quickly ❤😊

  6. The bishop feel like a missile in this one

  7. More beginners videos and series like the tactics one which was great

  8. The biggest question

    Who is Antonio? 😀

  9. The caption should be :Hikaru gets beaten in the opening by Gotham and Agadmator.
    for those who didn't see the whole video, it is at 44:25

  10. I love this 4p chess, im sorry for all the trauma you went through playing this, but i think beating hikaru at the end like that was worth with the 9000 ig queen start!

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