4 Player Chess ft. Gotham, Hikaru, Agadmator, Nemo

I teamed up with Agadmator to take down Hikaru and Qiyu. Mostly Qiyu.

In this video:
Hikaru. Do I really need to put his links?
Twitch at

Agadmator. How do you not know him already?

WGM Qiyu Zhou:


  1. Hikaru never plays with levy, never, the man just dislike the hell out of that poor dude

  2. I'm Cheering for Nemsko just because 😏

  3. bro they are so bad at this game, it is hilarious.

  4. Any app in Play Store like this
    Please help

  5. I feel players of Hikarus ilk can really use psychology on lower levelled players. I mean, even when you're an IM or a decent GM when a super GM tells you your position is falling apart, you hesitate. Poor Levy 🤣

  6. lol Levy Did Agadmator so dirty in that 2nd game top content chaps (and chapette)!

  7. never seen 4 masters of chess blunder so many times in one game, now i dont feel so bad about my games 😂

  8. I love Hikaru's smile and agadmador's positivity. I feel like if they were together levy and Nemo would have crippled 😂

  9. Antonio: "Hikaru's move is a mistake"
    Hikaru: "Really?" gets checkmated
    That is how powerful agadmator is

  10. Anyone else think it's three against one here?

  11. 15:15 hikaru is an egg. bishop takes b10 wins a queen on the spot. this guy is a buns

  12. She has a crush on you levy, that is why she is so soul crushing to you. She is trying to bring you down to her level and put you in an emotional check mate. My sister does the same thing to guys she likes and then wounders why they don't like her back.

  13. Hikaru missed a checkmate in one and levy missed a Queen capture… What is happening?

  14. 27:00 in a nutshell:

    Antonio – figuring out if they won or not
    Nemo – realizing her mistake
    Hikaru – laughing at the whole situation (and realizing a draw is possible)
    Levy – silently questioning his existence and his chess career

  15. Levy saying make ur own moves but we all know from hikaru/levy 4 player that he asks for the most help

  16. Levy is useless at 4player chess still infinitely better than me tho 🤦

  17. Hikaru: "Be careful Qiyu I think I see what Levy's trying to do"
    Qiyu: "Wait really? I don't see it"
    Levy: "I also don't see it"

  18. In the first game when agamator moved his bishop for check on Nemko and she moved her king back there was a mate if agamator sacked his queen to take Nemkos bishop the when queen takes back agamator takes with bishop and when king takes queen n 8 is mate

  19. I couldn’t tell you how many times I threw an entire game from not seeing a bishop, the board vision you’d need to play this is insane

  20. new title:
    Levy gets bullied and goes to a mental hospital

  21. Levy absolutely getting bullied rn💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  22. I like how theres a questionmark behind the elo🤣

  23. Oh this game team based ? I though its ffa lol

  24. It's so unfair because Hikaru is a psychic and can see in the future and levy can play with his eyes closed so unfair to other ppl fr fr 😂

  25. I thought Hikaru was the chad untill I saw Antonio Gigachad

  26. rook to a9 would not have won the game. they can each just move their kings on their moves

  27. 14:20 Blue Knight moves in on Yellow putting him in Check then you get the Yellow Queen in the trade. Lmao why would he move his (Green) Bishop out of position 🤣🤣🤣

  28. This feels like chinese checkers, one of my favourite board games

  29. my first chess youtuber whom I discovered was agadmator. then after gothamchess, I shifted to watching only watching levy. now here in this same video seeing both agadmator and levy made my day 🙂

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