#31: Chess Variants – King of the Hill

Back to Lichess as VariantsChris, this time with a video about the Chess Variant King of the Hill. There is only one difference to normal chess rules: You win if your king reaches a square in the center. I discuss two games played on Lichess vs IM gsvc and vs CM chessflash 88 (Both of them “berserked”, i.e., decided to half their thinking to 1.5 minutes).

Timestamps: 00:15 Rules
01:00 Basic Strategy
02:00 Game 1 Starts (IM gsvc-me)
07:50 First King of the Hill Endgame (most exciting part)
08:35 First Exercise and Missed Chances
11:03 Complex Queen Endgame (starts with an exercise)
13:00 Next Small Exercise
15:10 Game 2 Starts (CM chessflash 88-me)
20:00 Easily Winning Endgame with a Piece Up? (most exciting part)
21:45 Find the Winning Sequence
24:10 Reflection and More Strategy

Music: Audio Hertz
Singing: Siavosh Sadedin

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