Dara discusses the latest balance patch for 10th Edition!
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  1. Thank goodness other folks have time to think about this – I got bodied by triple whirlwinds and predator annihilators with their stupid hunter killer missiles. A real drag lol. I don’t know if we can solve that just now given how strong this friend’s msu screen game is…

  2. I was actually waiting for this video. Will grab a cold beer

  3. Catching up now. I’m really fascinated to see where the meta is in a couple of months. Honestly on the face of it, it generally looks good (as an also GSC player, I’m genuinely happy with the change; just wish the demo charges weren’t so silly still).

    Harlequins mono are even more fecked, but hey, we don’t acknowledge that that was a faction that people collected, built, painted and played eh.

  4. Honestly can tell when someone doesn't play a faction. So saying the aeldar nerfs were not enough without knowing the full impact. My WE list went down 220 points, my Aeldar went up over 250 that's a HUGE points spread WE DG and the other armies just got a 300-500 point advantage. Can't say the one rule change wasn't enough till they hit the table it was a big nerf.

  5. Does the change in Dev Wounds increase the value of Wrathful Devotion?

  6. I appreciate the secret nerf to Vect abilities. Only affecting For the Skull Throne! and For the Blood God! does help our overall quality of life.

  7. Re: Termies. While all you say is absolutely true about Termies pushing along the wrong combat axis from the rest of WE strengths, I think the middle brick is especially valuable due to the general lack of durability WE units hold. The opportunity cost of using (especially t1 or t2) attacks on the termie brick with respect to almost any other target is so large, at least a little more so for their general lack of… well, anything else. Still, the Ocost of fielding them at 190 is probably also so large as to offset any gains you might realize.

  8. I play as chaos knights. The bew towering rules I find are fine. While we can't shoot through obscuring terrain, we can't be shot at. We can now hide big knights, which is very helpful. Especially with knights if shade strat.

  9. why is kharn the same price as moe. moe should be 60 points as he has no invun

  10. Huge miss on Aeldari nerf. They took Custodes and Imp Knights out back and put em in the grave but then leave Aeldari pretty much alone. Calling it now They will not drop below a 65% win rate

  11. Most important change in my newbie opinion was the Brigand staying below 170.

  12. Angron is still to easy to kill. I think that's why they kept him at 415.

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