100 Days in Minecraft: Through the Ages (Full Movie)

** NOTE **
Sorry for the reupload
I was informed that there were some glitches in the previous version
If there are anymore, please tell me as soon as possible.
I rendered the video differently so it should be fine

This is a full movie of all my previous 100 days.

222 minutes of minecraft

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World Tour for Release 1 and 2 ➤

Downloads ➤
Alpha Worlds ➤
Beta Worlds ➤
Release Worlds ➤

Timestamps ➤
Intro: 0:00
Alpha: 0:27
Beta: 17:32
Release 1: 1:04:47
Release 2: 2:23:01
Outro: 3:42:21

Videos ➤
Release 1:
Release 2:

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  1. I reuploaded this because the old one had some glitches. Sorry for the reupload(Also for the 360p, it's because it still processing)

  2. This situation about the dark ages reminds me a lot of chainsawman manga,

    Some spoilersfor chainsaw manga are down there

    where main character although loses enerything he built, and stayed only with a bunch of dogs.

  3. Ah yes, the whole perfect saga

    But honestly, these were one of the most entertaining 100 days i ever seen. It's sad that Java didn't had more versions lol

    You could try dumping your own legacy consoles edition into your PC, put them into emulator and manually adding patches for another 100 days video! I would love to see my favorite version in your style!

    (The most stable one is X360 version on Xenia Canary emulator. There were 74 patches I think, the oldest being comparable to Beta 1.6.6 and newest to 1.13)

    Also, now you are "The Bridge Man". At least to me

  4. man this is awesome i love this, you should do some more videos on older versions for longer… like 1000 days in beta 1.7.3😃

  5. Damn, 3 hrs, like the character development

  6. This was such a great idea to make these videos, I love the info you give on every update when you switched. Loved watching this, especially the beta-release 1 versions!

  7. Can you post a video were you tour the world on release 1 and 2

  8. havent watched the series so im excited to watch this in its entireity! huge respect, cant imagine how long/taxing it was to render this LOL. been so burnt out of modern minecraft im kinda considering running a beta server, or just running a modded version of an update from a few years ago. this definitely deserves more views even if it was a reupload. well, see y'all in 4 hours!

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