♟️Playing Chess ft.@Playing Chess with Leonard♟️ | 🎁Crazy Chess Variants and Standard Games🎁

🎉Hey Guys Whatsapp, Today I have a Special Guest with me, my friend Leonard Sweeney. He is from USA and is an amazing Chess Player🎉

🔥We Played a lot of amazing Variants and Standard Games🔥

✨ Variants- Fog of War, Antichess
✨ Standard- Blitz, Bullet

His YouTube Channel link-

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🌟 Apps used-

✨ Editing- Kinemaster
✨ Screen recorder- ifun
✨ Thumbnail- Pixellab/ Picsart

🙏That’s alll Guys, Thanks for Your Support 🙏
🙋‍♂️Bye Bye🙋‍♂️

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